Export of seafood during the Covid-19 period: Opportunities to increase retail sales, canned goods

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Export of seafood during the Covid-19 period: Opportunities to increase retail sales, canned goods

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Mr. Tran Van Linh - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Thuan Phuoc Seafood Import Export and Trading Joint Stock Company (Da Nang) shared that, at the end of 2019, when the outbreak of Covid-19 broke out in China, the domestic seafood industry only Affected in items like catfish, lobster.

Up to the present time, when the epidemic spread to the United States, South Korea, European countries ... all seafood products will be affected. Fast food restaurants like McDonald's are closed, many festivals are banned, so the consumption of seafood and seafood sharply decreases.

Bulk orders canceled or delayed delivery time. Many new customers planning to visit businesses, factory visits and products to discuss cooperation have also stalled.

"Although operating at only 50% capacity, fortunately we still have goods to do, not closed," Mr. Linh informed.

Thuan Phuoc's products are all value-added goods going to supermarkets in Europe, the US and Japan ... In particular, Europe is the largest market with more than 50% of total export turnover of businesses. Karma.

Exported raw materials covid-19: a rare meeting, due to the picture 1

Consumption of seafood decreased sharply due to the closure of many restaurants and restaurants. Artwork: IT

These are also 3 markets that are greatly affected by the disease. Because some orders have been signed in advance and delivered from the beginning of the year, Q1 / 2020 business results may not change much. "However, in the second quarter, sales will be greatly affected, because they could not sign many new contracts," Linh said.

Mr. Nguyen Van Kich - General Director of Cafatex Company said, his company has some frozen containers sold to Chinese customers but it is still in stock and cannot be exported.

When the epidemic began to intensify in China, Cafatex planned to export this shipment to European and American markets to release inventory. Unexpectedly, the disease spread to Europe, everything continues to stall until now.

Many seafood processing and exporting enterprises also share, the export situation will still affect in a few months, when the disease is still complicated in the main markets of Vietnam. Currently, many establishments have had to reduce labor, partially close factories ...

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